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Crooked Path Forge

If you are intersted in ordering any kind of custom ironwork from me, be it blades or otherwise, there are some things I would like you to understand.

First of all, please look around my website, especially the Gallery. Go head, I’ll wait….... Good, now you have an idea of my style.

All my work will reflect my style. I am the artist and craftsman building these fine pieces. If I am unable to follow my muse to the extent that I need to, then I start to find myself no longer excited about the work. I cant put the passion into it I normally would, and the end result is something lesser. Something poorer.

Secondly I want you to know that I do not copy other blacksmiths work. I may ask for photos of items you want me to make. Keep in mind that I will not be making exact replicas of these items. Photos give me a starting place, a basic concept so that we are both starting from the same page. From there I put my own spin on the piece. I can and do make historic arms and armor, but I do not make exact replicas. I dont like to copy another blacksmiths work, even if they are dead by 1000 years. What I will make is something that could have been produced by that culture and time.

The more liberty you give me with a custom order, the better the final product. It can be hard to give up that creative control, believe me I understand. You've got this idea in your head that is so clear and perfect and you just dont have the skills to make it a reality. You need a craftsperson to do it for you. If you really need the final product to be exactly what you have in your own head there are several options.

1. Learn the skills yourself, then make it yourself. I can even teach you how! This is of course not a realistic option for everyone.

2. Pay me more money. Crafting things my way in my style is easy for me. I know what the metal can do and I know what I can do to the metal. Crafting something in your style with your exact specifications is harder, sometimes impossible. It's like commisioning a Painting in the style of Leonardo Divinci from Picasso.

3. Let me recommend someone else: I may just tell you that I wont do the project for you. I know a number of other craftsfolk in and around the state of Florida that may be able to meet your needs better than myself. Anyone I suggest is an excellent craftsperson in their own right, and will treat you well.

Leaving me the space to be creative, especially with bigger projects, usually results in me getting very excited about the project. When I get excited, I start getting ideas. Those ideas lead me to add embellishments to enhance the work, embellishments that often would raise the price of the project had you asked me to do it as opposed to letting me work it out myself. I will of course consult you if there are any big changes that drastically change the scope of things.

If you are cool with all this then we can go ahead and make something awesome together!

All the things I make, I hope have a certain level of Artistry and Beauty, but they always will perform their function well . Knives cut, Stair rails support, hinges open. Whatever it is I make I always 100% guarantee will perform the function they are designed for.