Knife Making

Crookshank (1000x487).jpg

This is a single day class in which students make a            3-4 inch knife from start to finish.  Students start by learning the basics of forging and safety around a blacksmiths shop. They will be taught how to heat treat their own blades, and will leave the class with a finished working knife.




Students are given 3 options:

1.  The curving twisted handle gives this knife it's name "Crookshank" knife.  The all metal handle allows me to teach a single day class in which students can leave with a finished product.  Making this knife allows future blacksmiths to explore a number of techniques, including twisting and drawing out.  A good choice for those who wish to learn more of the craft of blacksmithing.






2.  Make an herb choppah.  The same basic techniques apply as with the Crookshank, craft an elegant and quick slicing kitchen tool.








3. Forge a full tang knife, with the blade fully sharpened.  The tang will be constructed so that you may add a wooden handle yourself at home.   This option is ideal if you have experience in woodworking or are generally handy yourself at home. 

Hatchet Making

In this class students learn to forge a regular ball peen hammer into a camping hatchet.  Team striking is a major component of this workshop.  Students will learn to work together to forge down larger pieces of steel with sledge hammers.  This class is lots of fun and perfect for couples or pairs of friends


Pirate Class!



Fairly warned be thee says I, only the most stalwart and hearty sea dogs sign up for this class.  We'll be crafting finely forged hook-hands, and gnarly eyepatches in this workshop.  The nearness of Talk Like a Pirate Day and Halloween make this the perfect class for all would be plunderers!  Yar!











Octoberfest Bottle Openers




As Octoberfest comes to a close lets all get together and share a final brew.  We will be making bottle openers with our own unique twist.  This class aims to be fun allowing students to create their own clever designs in metal.  Steel will be our canvas, and chisels punches and drifts our paint brush.  Skulls, mermaids, owls are a few I have made.  What can you come up with?  The only way to find out is to join the class and follow me afterwards for a pint at the local pub.  

Yes that's right, we'll head on over to a pub nearby to use our newly made openers.  First rounds on me.  (Students under the age of 21 will be offered a delicious Root Beer instead)


All classes are designed with the beginner in mind.  Anyone can be a blacksmith!  Do you have a group that wants to schedule a private party?  Shoot me an e-mail and we can schedule a class just for you!  All classes are held at the Repurpose Project in Gainesville FL.   Students ages 13-16 must be accompanied by an adult that is taking the class as well.  Sorry no one under the age of 13 may take a class.